Label Founder: Anton Bailey AKA Viatic- 

“When I was 17 I started getting into drum and bass and raves, and I thought I could compete with some of the DJ’s I was seeing in regards to mixing and stuff like that. My uncle’s a part of the music industry so he bought me a little controller to start mixing on, and to be honest I hated it at first. But eventually started getting the hang of it and I entered a mix for a competition in Worcester, and it won. it was the first mix I’d ever put out and it was alongside some of my favourite artists at the time. So obviously I was gassed and I was going to Bristol in September so I just kept doing it. When I got to Bristol I started working as a rep for Blue Mountain which was a massive introduction to Bristol’s drum and bass scene. I was getting so many people in the door, I thought I could just do it myself, so that’s when I launched Invicta”


Invicta Audio is a record label and events company currently based in Bristol that will be showcasing the biggest names in DNB to the scene. Residents: Napes, Rise, ALR, Anais, Viatic, Gonda, Ieuvn, PDX, Precinct, Section & Willow.