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Johnnie Darko is emerging as one of the most unique MCs and lyricists in the UK. He has just released a fresh solo album, Smoke & Mirrors, which falls under a self-designed genre coalescing hip-hop and UK underground rap. He has also landed himself over 50 MC bookings in the last 12 months, filling venues with atmosphere and hype alike. His hit single, LooneyTunez, has now surpassed half a million streams and it's easy to see how; the fusion of catchy bars, sumptuous vocals and flows being switched up make for a concrete place in anyone’s playlist.

His first DNB release and his first involvement with Invicta is a collaboration with Anaïs: ‘Bullet In The Dance’. Anaïs’ instrumental, partnered with Johnnie's infectious hook, have compounded to produce an absolute anthem. "Gunshot, gunshot, there's a bullet in the dance" is guaranteed to stick in your head for days after coming across this track.

All of the above have been achieved by this man at only 21 years old - the future is bright for Johnnie Darko.



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